Jiří Voldán

​​​​​SAZKAmobil​ is the second largest virtual operator in the Czech Republic and even though it has been operating only since 2014, it already has over two hundred thousand clients and counting. Cleverlance supplies complete systems for customer care and billing to SAZKAmobil. This include the mobile app for clients (Mobile Selfcare).


The SAZKAmobil application provides its clients with an easy-to-navigate overview of all important information about their account. The client can easily see their credit balance as well as learn about new offers and advantageous bundles of services. Thanks to the system of widgets, they can configure which information is the most important for them. Of course, they can top up their credit or pay their bill directly through the application and it also includes other functions, such as a child lock. Customization and the effort to meet the wishes of the clients constitutes an important part of the development and design of the app.


​If a client decides to rate the app and leave a comment on its functionality, the message is immediately forwarded to our team of experts. They then not only directly contact the client, but most importantly start to actively try to resolve the issue and remove any defects and design imperfections mentioned by the client. Smooth and efficient provision of feedback from the clients is also reflected in other functions of the app, such as measuring the signal strength and internet speed. This information is then sent directly to SAZKAmobil to avoid having to waste time taking screenshots. Removing barriers between the users and the development team is one of the main reasons why this app has the highest rating among clients of mobile operators.​

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